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One-to-one tuition supplies the advantage of improving on each individuals specific learning style. Each student picks things up and learns differently. Some students prefer longer discussions covering general themes, whilst other students gain more from memorisation and repetition. One-to-one tuition in person is the most effective method of tutoring. 

In a large classroom, it is easy to feel invisible and a student may not feel able to speak up when their studying gets out of control. A student can spend as much or as little time as they desire on each particular subject with one-to-one tuition.

In addition, I act as a mentor to numerous students who throughout their university studies are able to learn and develop through sessions. I care about their growth and potential as scholars and legal professionals. Weekly one-to-one sessions throughout a students course is the most popular option.  Throughout the years, I have had many success stories.


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This is a service for working professionals or training providers who are looking to gain insight into areas of law from a legal professional. I am able to write a course and deliver it to any group size. The seminars can be tailored to an organisation or institutions requirements. It can be structured over any amount of time. I am frequently approached by colleges and course providers to step in to teach courses.

Some students have a preference for group study and are able to get value from learning in a collective setting. An invaluable skill to acquire in the professional world is the ability to work alongside colleagues. A superior and more intimate learning environment is provided through group tuition as opposed to that created in a large classroom, whilst the merits of working within a team are still preserved. A big lecture may appear impersonal, yet group lessons promote a positive working environment where learning is a united endeavour. I have been approached by students in the past who have already formed study groups and have been asked to provide revision sessions to all of them. As I am able to teach so many subject areas, I am able to do revision sessions for a subject in a day and can block 3 or 4 of these into a week. There has been an occasion where I taught a group for 3 weeks consecutively.


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Phone, Skype, Facetime and Webcam tuition is a global resource that can benefit students who do not wish to travel in and around London. This avoids the commute and congestion of London. You can have sessions from your room or office.

Studying at online universities is a popular choice nowadays and students may be unable to access a local qualified tutor. I do my up most to accommodate students living in all geographic regions, and I am happy to make myself available to students in and out of business working hours.

This service works well in teaching all my clients that live in the Caribbean. But for those of you living in London you are advised too travel to come and see me because the students that get the most from my service are those that have one-to-one sessions in person. I provide my students with lots of notes, so do not be afraid of travel time as I will be giving you lots of material to read on your journey.

I am also able to give guidance on any written work using Google Docs where we can both work on the same document and see the changes in real time. This allows us to confer and edit the document while speaking and the ability to see what changes we are both making.



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A second pair of eyes can provide an invaluable insight into any piece of writing. The service I offer for essay preparation, marking and comments which enables students to get some priceless feedback from an individual with many years experience in lecturing prior to submitting a piece of work to be marked.

I am able to give students an anticipated grade for each piece of work. I also provide comprehensive comments detailing improvements that can be made and different ways of tackling the question they have answered.

Gaining an understanding of a lecturer’s expectations is crucial to all forms of writing, both academic and otherwise. My vast lecturing experience has given me a deep insight into the qualities required for an effective and successful paper. Getting the paper marked can be the difference between a 2:1 or 1st class piece of work.



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Is there a tough essay you need to write? Unsure what a first class paper looks like? Call me for the model answer. I will write you a totally unique essay in order that you get an insight into how a first-class answer looks. A University cannot take the time to instruct you how to write, however your university will test your understanding through writing. Consequently, mediocre marks are given to extremely bright students because holding them back are their writing skills. Do not let yourself be one of these students. If you have a tricky prompt, email it to me. I can supply you with as little or as much assistance as you desire. I can:

  • Provide you with notes on the prompt topic;
  • Get an outline of your answer written;
  • Edit your paper in order that you can get more marks;
  • Add significant essay references; and
  • Write the whole answer with references.

Any models answers we produce should be used for learning only. I do not condone handing in such pieces as your own work.


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We have all witnessed the struggle many students go through when faced with the challenges that writing a dissertation presents. Dissertations demand a distinct analysis and it is of no surprise that students invariably stress and struggle with this. Similar to my services helping with essay writing, I am able to offer as much or as little help and support as you feel is necessary. We can:

  • Help finding a topic;
  • Help writing a dissertation proposal;
  • Help to make your answer simpler and into a strong summary;
  • Provide you with guidance on dissertation writing and technique;
  • Help with conducting a Literature review;
  • Help with constructing a methodology;
  • Kick-start your writing process by giving you a structured plan covering your topic;
  • Editing or proof reading of your dissertation chapters;
  • Supplement additional research to the dissertation; and
  • Write a perfect model answer for you to give you an idea of what a first-level grade for your thesis would look like.


law tutor based in Leeds

I have reviewed an untold amount of covering letters, CV’s and personal statements. I have a real grasp on what is necessary to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. I can help you:

  • The editing and writing of your CV, cover letters, personal statements and applications;
  • Making you stand out in a pupillage/mini pupillage application;
  • Interview process assistance; and
  • Ensuring that you are able to apply and get into the most desirable university.

I can help you emphasise all your legal experiences, in order to secure a training contact or pupillage. When applying to firms you must highlight  unique selling points such as ‘market experience’ working in the legal sector. Where a student needs experience I can (subject to availability) offer them a internship at the  Law Clinic. This will give them experience while making the student applicant more marketable.

I can assist you in writing an application that is both inspiring and touching with the purpose of motivating employers to get in contact with you.


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Here at the Private Law Tutor, I manage my very own Law Clinic. You will have the opportunity to speak with myself, a law professional working in the business and you will be able to receive top hints and tips which can be assembled from making yourself presentable in the interview room.

I constantly witness excellent students working extremely hard in law school and then utterly struggle in the BPTC.

I frequently go before Employment Judges to make applications and conduct cross examination of witnesses in the Employment Tribunal. I have first hand experience of how to train students in advocacy. I can offer support in your presentation skills because I know that advocacy is the cornerstone of a great public speaker.

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