"Excellent job, Vivek! I am really impressed by his methods. I really wish that there were more tutors like him, he made University fun from the ordeal it used to be. He was professional but also very approachable and flexible. He is the best tutor I've ever had. I greatly appreciate Vivek's guidance and insight. I highly recommend him to every law student looking for help."

University of Wales, 2008

"Initially, I was a little apprehensive about even considering getting a tutor. But, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. The personalised sessions helped me to gain a more detailed understanding of law. Having weekly sessions helped me stay focused and Vivek's approach to the questions on the LPC helped me pass with good results on my first attempt. I would recommend Vivek to everyone."

University of Sheffield, 2016

"Vivek is 'exactly what I was looking for' when I started my tutor hunt. The lessons were very well structured , clear and concise. Vivek's knowledge and command over the subjects really helped me get over the fear of exams. This helped me become more articulate and made me more aware of the mistakes I was making in the examination room. He is more than a tutor, he is a mentor who genuinely wants the best for his students."

Queen Mary University, 2010

"Amazing tutor! His methods are exemplary. I don't know how he managed to change boring law into a fascinating subject. I started with Property Law but got so used to his way of teaching that I ended up signing up for almost all my modules with Vivek. Now he is helping me with my LPC. I would recommend him to every student trying to succeed."

Brunel University, 2016

"I was looking for a tutor to help me with Land Law and Property Law but what I found in Vivek was much more than that. He is a super tutor. Not only does he guide methodically he also focuses on the basic understanding of a subject, which can help any student excel. I would recommend him to anyone."

University of Westiminster, 2010

"Vivek has been a great help to me. I would not have been able to score a 2:1 without his constant guidance and concerned support. He took the time to understand my strengths and weaknesses as a student and helped me overcome my concentration problems by breaking down large topics into smaller ones. I will blindly recommend Vivek to anyone looking for help with law."

UCL. 2009

"Vivek is an exceptional tutor. He is a talented, patient and a dedicated teacher who helped create a strong interest in the subject. He goes the extra mile in preparing material which greatly helped me prepare for my exams. He egged me along and really encouraged me to do my best."

Queen Mary, 2016

"Vivek is a super tutor. As soon as I met Vivek, I knew that this guy was different from the other tutors I had worked with before. He taught me law but he also taught me how to think like a lawyer. I found myself enjoying the classes I never liked before. University became fun. I am grateful to Vivek for showing me that studying can be more than just boring lectures and essays."

London School of Economics, 2013

"Vivek's dedication to his students is astounding. He would diligently follow-up with me after each lesson to check whether I grasped everything he had taught me. His teaching technique is flawless as he explains the concepts and not just what the textbook teaches you. He is excellent and I would recommend him to all the students."

Hertfordshire University, 2017

"Before meeting Vivek I never thought I would be able to pass my exams. University seemed so hard. Vivek helped me tackle my learning anxieties by planning my lessons at a pace I could handle. Everything that seemed so impossible before became possible. I am so thankful to Vivek for being such a great tutor."

University of Reading, 2017

"I would like to thank Vivek for helping me out with Company law and Jurisprudence. He explained complicated concepts so easily that it was hard to believe that I was able to understand the topics I was initially struggling with. It helped me get a first on such a technical subject. Amazing Methods. Highly Recommended."

University of Sheffield, 2014

"It would have saved me a lot of time and money if I had found Vivek earlier. He was so patient with me and helped me study according to my own pace. I don't know how I would have gone through three years of University without Vivek's constant help. I highly recommend him to any law student."

University of Kent, 2015

"Vivek has been a terrific tutor. He easily identified my difficulty with writing essays and helped me overcome my fears. My grades increased dramatically, I had so much more confidence. The difference that tutoring can make is amazing. I wouldn't hesitate even for a moment before recommending Vivek to any law student struggling with coursework."

Leicester University, 2013

"Vivek's methods of simplifying and explaining the concepts is really remarkable, it made learning so easy. He was always so well- prepared in all the sessions. The revision techniques he taught me are the major reason I did so well on my exams. The new approach completely changed the way I was tackling the essay questions. He helped me perform to the best of my ability."

King's College London, 2017

"Vivek was of great help to my second year. The Tutor spends a long time cracking complicated areas making it easier to answer questions in an exam room. The tutor's notes are helpful and really easy to follow, each session is tailored to my needs and the tutor makes that I understand. I would recommend this tutor to those perhaps not struggling but could do better to maximise the achievable potential."

Westminster University, 2008

"Vivek was very helpful. A friend of mine introduced me to him. He was able to break down subject material quickly in a great environment, which was effective due to the small period of time I had before my contract law exams."

Birmingham University, 2015

"It does not take long to realise what that Vivek is an intelligent individual. After taking a few lessons with Vivek, I hired him to teach me the content for my entire LLB course. I cannot be happier with the service I have received. Vivek is a very attentive lecturer he identify strengths and weaknesses of his students. He showed me how to improve as a law student and I now have the skill-set to succeed on my own."

Kings College, 2016

"Vivek was extremely helpful and very understanding. He made learning EU Law a very exciting experience. He understands what students go through and supports and ensures they are up-to-date with the subject by giving his useful notes. I couldn't imagine to get through such a vigorous subject without someone like Vivek to break down every vital piece of Law and help me apply it to the question at hand. By far he is the best teacher I have come across in my school years, and in terms of academics he is very inspiring."

Westminster University, 2009

"Vivek helped me throughout my 2nd year at university with the following topics: Land Law, European Law and Jurisprudence. Vivek gave me insight to the topics by discussions, notes and has taught me how to structure my coursework more effectively. Vivek is an approachable and patient person who is always willing to help you understand even if it means asking him again and again."

Hertfordshire University, 2007

"Vivek is an excellent tutor. He makes what seemed difficult easy and what seems impossible possible. He is a dedicated tutor who always ensures that students have grasped what he has taught them. He adopts a methodical approach to tutoring which is invaluable for exams. If asked to rate him out of 100 I'd give him ."

London School of Economics, 2015

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