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You may be asking yourself, why choose this tutor? Especially considering the numerous law tutors you have to choose from. It is essential that a student chooses the right tutor. It is equally as important that I find the right students. When working with people  it needs to be enjoyable.

I treat the study of law as a science. There is no study guide for real life. Students have to learn and finds ways of becoming effective lawyers and problem solvers. Practice makes perfect. I am a strong believer in putting into action what you have learnt.

My focus is to use both my lecturing experience and experience as a Barrister to foster a dynamic learning style that enables students to grasp information and adopt critical thinking. With my skills as a lecturer I can help students grasp what is coming up on their course and how best to prepare themselves.


I obtained a Masters degree with Distinction in Commercial law. My results were as follows:

land law
EU law


I frequently get student from the following university and and very familiar with the course content (this is a non-exhaustive list):


I provide support and tuition in the following courses:

international trade law


Here is a non-exhaustive list of subject I am competent to teach:

  • Advocacy
  • Drafting
  • Civil Procedure
  • Contract Law
  • Company Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • E.C.H.R. Jurisprudence
  • E.L.S.
  • Equity & Trust
  • EU Law
  • Evidence
  • International Trade
  • Jurisprudence
  • Land Law
  • Legal Skills
  • Legal Research
  • Public Law
  • Tort Law
  • Tax Law


I have extensive knowledge of the law core subjects and I am competent at successfully getting them across to my students in a manner that they can fully understand. I have a love for the subject of Law and it is something that I am extremely passionate about.

I have over 15 years experience in coaching law, working in numerous Universities. Please click on the About Me link above to read further details. I believe that teaching law is my calling.

I have an understanding of how students will get examined and I am fully aware of what needs covering in order that they are successful on their course. One-to-one tuition is the supreme method to fully explain problematic concepts to my students; however group tuition also has many benefits.

For over 15 years, I have studied and taught law and I therefore have a wealth of experience in identifying the most difficulties that students face. I easily connect with my students, explaining things in a simple yet effective way.

Students get very detailed notes that I have compiled over the years. In addition, there are my own drafted notes accumulated for university courses.

Yes, I use both notes and worksheets. I am also happy to work exclusively from documents and material that students themselves wish to follow.

That is totally up to a student. I can offer to meet up with them on a one-off basis if there is a particular problem they wish to discuss. I would also tutor a student on a weekly basis all the way through their course.

Yes, block and group bookings are discounted.

It depends entirely on what you require help with. Some students do get all they need from just one single session, yet others prefer sessions each week in order to solidify their knowledge and grasp of a specific topic etc. Some of my students came to me in their 1st year for help with their exams and I continued to tutor them through to their finals

I am capable and experienced in meeting a whole range of students needs and requirements. It is important to emphasise that I offer a personalised service. Some of my students are further advanced than others that I teach who come to me to ensure that they achieve a first class degree. Whilst there are other students who are struggling to make sense of certain topic areas and they need help in a more structured way. My role is to help student bridge the gap between getting a full understanding of the work and excelling on their course.

It's very similar to one-to-one tuition, except the student is on the phone rather than sitting face-to-face with me. Study material is exchanged via the internet and everything is explained and guidance is given through a telephone meeting. Students I tutor are based in Liverpool and Birmingham, etc.

Yes I do. I regularly work late in the evenings and at weekends but I charge time and a half outside of office hours.

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