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Private Law Tutor established since 2010 is serious when it comes to online tutoring and writing service for students in need of assistance when studying law. Our mission is to provide high quality law tutoring and Q&A writing assistance to students Worldwide. We believe that learning does not stop at the classroom door, but rather that is where it starts. We are law tutors, who are experienced lecturers and barristers.


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Sir William Blackstone (1723– 1780) was an eighteenth- century English jurist, judge, and Tory politician. His principal written work, the Commentaries on the Laws of England, is his primary legacy.

Baron Hannen (1821-1894) English judge who had a peculiar gift for making his meaning perfectly clear in the fewest words.

Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634) Barrister, judge, and politician. Elizabethan and Jacobean era jurist.

Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) was an English philosopher, jurist, and social reformer who is widely credited with founding modern utilitarianism.

Sir Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894) was a legal historian and philosopher. He cited the concept of "clear and present danger" for restricting the right to free expression.

Francis Bacon (1561-1626) was an English philosopher, statesman, physicist, lawyer, orator, and author. He served as England's Attorney General and Lord Chancellor.

John Selden (1584–1654) was an English lawyer, a scholar of the ancient laws and constitutions of England.


What distinguishes a jurist from a lawyer? A jurist is a legal expert, such as a legal scholar or a lawyer. A jurist is, in reality, an academic, an legal theorist. A jurist can be a well-known member of the legal profession, such as a judge, a professor, or a lawyer. A person whose ability and thought are so well-known that their writings and arguments are also considered to be authoritative sources of law.


While a jurist can be a lawyer and a lawyer can be a jurist, the terms are not always synonymous. A jurist is a legal specialist who investigates, analyses, and makes observations about legal matters. Indeed, they can do their work entirely within a law library. On the other side, the lawyer represents clients and fights to protect their interests. Among the renowned jurists you will encounter during your studies are the ones mentioned above.


In 2010, Private Law Tutor was formed. Our founder enrolled at university as a mature student with no formal qualifications, believing he was capable of more, and concurrently studied for his A levels at the same time as his law degree. He earned an LLB Hons degree and then pursued an LLM Master's degree. With an average of 80% and a distinction overall and for his dissertation, he went on to read for the Bar Exams, earning a Very Competent rating. In 2007, he was admitted and called to the Bar. Our founder is a Barrister and a member of Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn.


Since then, he has used his legal and advocacy abilities to assist others by tutoring, providing free legal advice, and representing them pro bono in all employment situations wherever possible. He joined The University of Westminster in 2008 as a law tutor for Contract law, European Union law, land law, and Legal Skill and Processes 2, as well as module leader and principal lecturer for Tax law. He was involved in teaching 5 subjects in law at the same time. He left Westminster in 2010 and founded Private Law Tutor.


Law. It is hard to grasp. Private Law Tutor has a solution for those struggling with their legal studies. Here at Private Law Tutor we understand how hard it can be to master the intricacies of the law while juggling several other commitments.


We hire only the most qualified tutors who have been taught by our founder and have years of experience providing students with an exceptional learning experience. Also our law tutors  have been put through rigorous training and have all been called to the Bar. We believe that by working together we can deliver.


If you are struggling with your law studies, or just want to get ahead then get in touch today to find out how we can help you achieve academic success, or purchase our law tuition or model answer online. 


Our legal tutors act as mentors to a huge number of law students, allowing them to learn and improve during their university studies. Our law tutors are concerned with a student's growth and potential. This is paramount. We live in a results based community and achieving the best results is why students seek our help in the first place. We work with law student to ensure their dream becomes a reality.


With a subject as competitive as law there is little room for error. With our support errors are minimised and we open the resources available to students to be high achieversWe must be doing something right because we've been running effectively for the past 11 years.


Our law tutors provide personalised and individualised hands-on law tuition services to students at all stages of their legal study. Our students have passed their examinations owing to our personalised approach. Our tutors build a strong relationship with each student they work with. This is our formula and it works!