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Our International trade law tutors are experts in a variety of courses and disciplines available in university-level law programmes. Law remains a highly regarded subject and a highly sought-after academic discipline. It is, in and of itself, worth its weight in gold. Many law graduates view their degree as useful currency when applying for jobs in a range of sectors. This is why many students turn to a law tutor for guidance.

A International Trade Law Tutor is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to teach and share their expertise and vocation in a variety of settings, both face to face and online. Our law tutors offer tuition in a range of courses, including the LLB, the Master of Laws (LLM), the Bar course and the LPC which is soon to be replaced with the SQE. As is the case with the majority of businesses and practises in the legal profession, a law tutor will employ a hybrid work model that allows his students to work remotely on days when they are not obliged to attend lectures, so helping them to maintain a more healthy study-life balance.


International sales are cross border sales contracts. Why is this important – this is how our shops get stocked with our favourite imported products.  Freedom of contract is the Common Law’s desire to preserve it for International Sale contracts. It is important as it is necessary to determine under which law the contract is governed if a dispute was to arise. The Common Law, respects personal autonomy rather than being paternalistic, this attracts international traders due to its informality and minimum state intervention. International Trade Law is important as it makes trading easier, cost effective and quicker. Such example would be that oral contracts are enforceable whereas in other countries contracts have to be formal and written down.


International Trade Law is an elective subject which is studied as an LLB elective or a LLM Masters module. Our International Trade Law tutors can provide students with an awareness of the core principles. Helping them to critically assess challenging mock factual scenarios and be able to pick out legal issues in the various areas of International Trade Law. Our law tutors can help law students apply their knowledge when writing a formal assessment and present a reasoned argument and make a judgment on competing viewpoints.


Our Constitutional and Administrative Law tutors are seasoned university lecturers who have also been called to the bar. We worked together to construct a book for our students that serves as a comprehensive source of vital knowledge and strives to equip law students with a solid understanding of this topic. Why not employ an International Trade Law tutor who has written this book on the essential topics of the Law of International Trade for private tutoring? Our International Trade Law book is available to all law students and is purchasable via the Amazon platform now. 

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