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If you are a law student, you may be searching for a law tutor who can support you in your University law degree. Choosing the right law tutor can be the difference between you gaining a 2:1 or a first in your degree. 


In the Glasgow Report there was an article titled “The Top 5 Law Tutors in London: What You Need To Know!”. Private Law Tutor was listed as number 1 out of the top 5 law tutors in London. Private Law Tutor  has been supporting students since 2010. We were grateful to be named top.  We offer online tutoring and writing service for students in need of assistance in the areas of Law . Our mission is to provide high quality law tutoring products for a range of law courses and Q&A writing assistance to students Worldwide. We believe that learning does not stop at the classroom door. We also publish our own books which can be purchased via the website, all of our books have been written by our tutors as a support aid for law students around the world.


The tutoring agency who came in second was Oxbridge Law Tutors. They have tutors that are highly experienced and qualified. We believe this is why they have been listed in the top 5.  In addition to this, all of their tutors have graduated from top colleges and work in prestigious firms. Oxbridge Law tutors offer specialist training such as that for Oxbridge interviews. They offer online booking where you can arrange sessions at your convenience at a click of a button.


In at three was, City Law Tutor. They provide law students with tutors who are carefully selected using their three stage recruitment procedure. City Law Tutors support students with both training contract and Pupillage applications. They offer tutoring for PGDL , LLB and LLM studies along with various other law courses. They are located at 25 Southampton Buildings, the old patents building. Moreover, this tutoring agency offers cost effective tutors based on tutors experience meaning they accommodate everyone.  


The Magister came in at number 4 on the report. They have 22 ratings on Google that are all 5 star. They offer various tuition services such as essay marking dissertation support along with online tutoring. All tuition can be purchased online via their website. They also post regularly on their blog page updating students with legal perspectives on current events. All questions you have for The Magister can be asked via their contact page.


Finishing in at number 5 on the report is Law Tutor Esquire.  This agency provides their services  to students worldwide. This agency appears to offer subscription services where students benefit from discounts and priority over tutors time.  Law Tutor Esquire also offer an Employment Law Clinic where students can volunteer to give free employment law advice to individuals in the City of London and the surrounding areas, this gives law students vital job-market experience.  This, to us makes them stand out in law tutoring world.



Although, we all work in a market which is competitive, we are able to appreciate the value in the work of others. This is why we feel it is important to share with you the views of other students in London. Based on the information which has been supplied, we hope that you find it easier to choose which Law tutor is best for you.