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Online law tuition has the advantage of enhancing each student's unique learning style. Each learner picks things up and learns in his or her own unique way. While some students appreciate lengthy lectures covering broad topics, others benefit from memorization and repetition. It's easy to feel invisible in a large classroom, and a student may feel unable to speak up when their studying spirals out of hand. 


Additionally, our online law tutors serve as mentors to several students who benefit from sessions throughout their university studies. We are invested in their development and potential. Weekly one-on-one sessions are the most popular choice. We've had numerous success stories over the years. By working with private law tutors, university students get the support they need to achieve their academic goals from someone vested in their success from day one.


Get the highest quality of lessons without the added stress of commuting or traveling. You can conduct sessions from the comfort of your own home or business. Nowadays, studying at online institutions is a popular option. Our tutors make every effort to accommodate students from all geographic regions, and they are eager to meet with students during and after business hours.


Our instructors provide guidance on any written work through the use of Google Docs, which enables both the teacher and student to work on the same document in real time. This enables them to confer and amend the paper while speaking, as well as monitor the changes made by both the instructor and student. Contact us today to book your tutoring appointment.

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If you are in law school or have just graduated from college and want to improve your grades, there is a lot that can be done by taking advantage of tutoring services. A thorough review of academic records and a review of case law are just two things that an experienced professional can provide for you. Many students find that their grade really comes down to how much effort they put in and the resources they utilise. Book a session today or alternatively contact us to discuss how we can start raising your exam grades.


Many of our law students are based outside of the UK from other Commonwealth jurisdictions, such as Canada, where the basis of their legal system is Common Law. Many of these students prefer to obtain English Law Degree either by studying in the UK or doing a Distance Learning Law Degree.  We can assist you if you are studying a Distant Learning Degree as a replacement for formal lectures (such as the University of London International Degree). We have had pupils like this for many years who we have educated throughout their course and bolstered for their final exams.

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This is by far the best way to get professional feedback on your writing. A second set of eyes can add priceless perspective to any piece of writing. The essay marking service we offer enables students to gain invaluable information from someone with years of experience lecturing prior to submitting a piece of work for marking.


Our tutors are able to provide students with an estimated grade for each assignment. Understanding a lecturer's expectations is critical for all types of writing, academic and non-academic. Our tutors' lecturing experience has provided them with an in-depth understanding of the characteristics necessary for an effective and successful paper. Obtaining a grade on the paper can mean the difference between a 2:1 and a first-class piece of work. Additionally, tutors will provide detailed comments outlining areas for improvement and alternative approaches to the question they have answered. Book a session today or email us to enquire about this service.


Get better grades. Submit your essay with confidence knowing it is error free and drafted to best fit the style and mark scheme. We provide an essay review and editing service. Many students are not quite satisfied with their essay, even though they believe their work is accurate. Occasionally, students will produce work that is within a given grade limit and is capable of earning a 2:1 or first, but their execution may keep them back. This service allows an experienced tutor to analyse your essay, constructively identify weaknesses, fix the structure, wording, and any errors, and then return the finished output to you ready to submit. Book a session today or email us to enquire about this essay editing service.

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Is there an essay that you need to write that is particularly difficult? Uncertain of what constitutes a first-class paper? We can compose you a completely unique essay to give you an idea of what a superior response looks like plagiarism-free and confidential. While a university cannot take the time to teach you how to write, it can assess your comprehension through writing. As a result, exceptionally bright pupils receive substandard grades because their essay writing skills are lacking. Avoid becoming one of these students. If you have a difficult prompt, send it to us via email. We can provide as much or as little assistance as you require. We can:


We have many online essay writers that will help with essay writing. You can order an essay to buy and this will be custom written for you. Once you order an essay writer will get to work and the whole process is done on the net. We are here help to write essay or any custom essays to your specifications. We also offer admission essay help. If you need a tutor to assist you write an essay for a specific subject, please also see our published model answers and Q&As books:


We do not condone the submission of model answers as original work, as this would constitute cheating. We recommend that they be used as intended, as a Q&A to improve your own answer.


Studying law can be a massive challenge. There is never enough time to do all the necessary work and you often get put down by your classmates for asking questions about things they find obvious. We help you with your research to make it easier for you to work through your studies. We have a team of experienced researchers who will help you with any legal question that may arise during your studies of law in any jurisdiction around the world. Learn more about how we can help and book your first session to get started. 



We have all experienced the difficulty that many students face when confronted with the difficulties inherent in preparing a dissertation. Dissertations necessitate a unique analysis, which students invariably emphasise and struggle with. As with our essay writing services, we may provide as much or as little assistance and support as you see essential. We are capable of: 


  • Help finding a topic;

  • Help writing a dissertation proposal;

  • Help to make your answer simpler and into a strong summary;

  • Provide you with guidance on dissertation writing and technique;

  • Help with conducting a Literature review;

  • Help with constructing a methodology;

  • Kick-start your writing process by giving you a structured plan covering your topic;

  • Editing or proof reading of your dissertation chapters;

  • Supplement additional research to the dissertation; and

  • Write a perfect model answer for you to give you an idea of what a first-level grade for your thesis would look like.


We have read an infinite number of cover letters, curriculum vitae, and personal statements. We have a firm grip on what it takes to set you out from the competition. We can aid you in developing an application that is both inspiring and touching in order to entice employers to approach you.We can assist you in the following ways:


CV Editing - we can assist with the editing and writing of your CV, cover letters, personal statements, and applications.

Cover Letters Making you stand out in a pupillage/mini pupillage application.


Preparation - With Interview process assistance; and ensuring that you are able to apply and get into the most desirable job or university place.


Research - we can help you emphasise all your legal experiences, in order to secure a training contact or pupillage. When applying to firms you must highlight unique selling points such as ‘market experience’ working in the legal sector.