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A Law tutor is a subject-matter expert in a variety of courses and subjects that are taught on university law courses. Law remains a very prestigious subject that is much sought after as a university discipline. It is worth its weight in its own right. For many law graduates, the degree they hold is good currency for a job in many sectors. This is why a law tutor will be a go-to for many students. A law tutor can do the following:

  • Create mock examinations for law students;

  • Provide marking for assessment materials for law students;

  • Contributing to a law student’s development by providing teaching, mentoring and guidance;

  • Teach students about law and practice;

  • Design a course specifically for a student;

  • Planning and evaluating a student’s progress on a law course;

  • Updating or improving a student’s study materials;

  • Enhancing the student experience studying law;

  • Marking and providing feedback for assessments; and

  • Getting student’s ready for law exams.

  • Giving student's advice about the job hunting and where to look.


The above attributes are all part of a law tutor's job. A Law Tutor is always someone who is willing to teach and transfer their knowledge and vocation in a variety of settings, both face to face and online. Our law tutors teach various programmes which include the law undergraduate LLB , postgraduate LLM,  the Bar Training Course and the Post Graduate Diploma in Law, as well as the next academic year's new Solicitors Training Course, which prepares learners to appear for the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE).

As is the case with the majority of companies and practises across the legal profession, a law tutor will embrace a hybrid working model that allows his students to work remotely on days when they are not obliged to be in lectures, allowing them to maintain a healthier study-life balance.


  • A law tutor will be a qualified barrister or solicitor who also specialises in teaching;  

  • A law tutor must have a degree in a relevant field of study or an equivalent professional qualification/experience;

  • A law tutor must have Knowledge of the subject/practice area;

  • A law tutor must have excellent communication abilities, both written and vocal;

  • A law tutor must be self-motivated and capable of operating independently and flexibly;

  • A law tutor must have excellent planning and organisational abilities;

  • A law tutor must have Outstanding IT abilities; and

  • A law tutor must have a commitment to a career-oriented approach to legal education.

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